November Meeting Notes

The following meeting minutes were provided by Molly Grube:


Newington School Supporters Meeting Notes: Nov. 18, 2019

Attendees: Pete Latchaw, Molly Grube, Sarah Marchessault, Lori Arsenault, Kristen Poulin

Principal Pete’s Update: 

Even though New Heights has closed, Pete reached out to Sally and Wayne, the previous operators.  Wayne for instance has a LLC as a ballooner and a magician, and got back to Pete about possibly setting up a Robotics/Coding after school program for 6-8 students and a possible magic program during after-school time. Wayne is putting together proposals for these and we will hear more information shortly.  Pete also asked him to put together a geocaching proposal for the 5th/6th grades to augment their study of orienteering.

Pete describes that the the 3rd and 4th grade class is “killing it” in their study of coding.  This class is now learning Javascript.  Pete may ask Wayne to put together a proposal for this class to learn more coding, as they are starting to surpass Pete’s expertise.

Pete has not yet heard back from Sally about a ski program.

Sara M. has also reached out to PMAC about possible Ukelele and drum circle programs.

Treasurer’s report:

NSS has a total of $26,648

The check for Promocentric was likely lost in the mail.  Nancy spoke to Promocentric, stopped payment on the previous check and is reissuing it.

Activities update:

Pizza and games night was attended by over 70 people and was fun for children and adults. 

Pete suggested that an alternative to the Spring dance would be another game night; preferably outside games, but inside if weather requires.

Holiday Craft Activity:

NSS has traditionally led a student craft activity every December, which results in the students creating a crafted piece that they can then bring home.  The group discussed several options and decided that we would like one that celebrates winter and the holiday season but is not Christmas-specific.  We discussed several ideas from ornaments, to picture frames, to miniature trees.  We decided that a winter-themed wooden “tree-cookie”  craft would do the trick, and I’m not telling you any more about the surprise your kids will be making for you.  Kristen plans to help, but WE NEED PARENT VOLUNTEERS on Tuesday, December 10th.

Holiday Luncheon:

Will be on Friday, December 20th.  Set up will be FROM 3:15 to 4:30 on Thursday, December 19th, AND WE WILL NEED PARENT VOLUNTEERS AT THE NEW TOWN HALL FOR THIS TOO.

The group voted to approve up to $500 for food and decorations, understanding that the amount may be as little as $250, depending on Chef Tom’s needs.

NSS Website:

NSS has a website that was last updated about 2 years ago.  NSS needs a volunteer to update the website content and design.  The group wondered if Chris Russo, who has been so generous with his time and energy with other aspects of the school, would also be willing to spend some time on this.  Kristen has access to the site, but is having difficulty navigating the code that Gail Klanchesser had used to build the site.

NSS Scholarship:

This is a $500 scholarship to a graduating high school senior who is matriculating into college and had in the past spent 3 or more years at NPS.  The group discussed possibly changing the name to The Darin Sabine Memorial Scholarship.  Lori Arsenault will contact Jenn Sabine, Darin’s widow, about her thoughts on this.  The group agreed that Darin had been such a proponent of the school and a true ambassador from the Fire Department, that a scholarship would honor the spirit of that service.


The sink the girls’ bathroom will be fixed, Hart plumbing has been called and the cost of this does not need to come from NSS.

Pete is currently using a make-shift standing desk that’s sitting on milk crates.  He is now old and has back issues and would like to have a standing desk for ergonomic purposes.  NSS voted to approve up to $400 for a standing desk for him.

Winter Cold/Flu Prevention:

The classrooms would benefit from sanitizing wipes, electronics sanitizing wipes, tissues, and hand sanitizer.  We discussed possible wall-mounted sanitizer dispensers, but the group consensus was that this would not consistently reduce waste;  the plastic packaging of the pump bottles can be recycled, but the recyclability of disposable inserts for the wall-mounted units was questionable.   The group voted to approve up to $100 per classroom ($400 total) for these products.  Nurse Russo will choose the products she feels are best, and purchase them.

Race update:

Thank you notes for the sponsors and volunteers are being sent out by Pete.  There was general discussion about options for this.

Next Meeting: December 16th

Upcoming Items of Discussion:

~Skates and helmets for the winter skating rink.  

~Website maintenance

~NSS scholarship

Volunteer Opportunities:

Crafting with the kiddos – December 10th at the school

NSS Website design and maintenance

Holiday Luncheon Set-up – December 19th, 3:15 to 4:30 New Town Hall

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